Monday, September 24, 2007

With age comes irresponsibility.....

It seems the older I get the more stupid I become. I got my priorities a bit mixed up this month when it came to budgeting and I literally have 12p to my name this week which surprisingly I find quite amusing. I spent a grand total of 88p at tesco, beating my record of £1.37 (for food)and strangely I felt an ere of satisfaction and achievement through the experience. The feeling soon wore off when I discovered I was back on a staple diet of pasta and...pasta, oh well I will be fully carbohydrated won't I? Every cloud and all that. Indeed I am a plonker but I had a nice holiday this month. I am beginning to question what is actually important, generally like in life and stuff; I think whilst I'm young and healthy (touch wood-for being healthy, not suddenly growing old rapidly), and whilst I am totally unattached to anything or anybody, I should do what I want (within reason). There is nothing worse than regretting having not done stuff, and I already got used to regretting stuff I have I can't afford to do anything majorly stupid so I think I'm safely restricted in a financial sense. Is it wrong that I don't plan any further than a month ahead? What's that saying, that quote about wasting time whilst you plan or something?

I will hopefully have a ton of time to be responsible when I'm older and my brain has matured beyond that of an 18 year olds. My mum still tells me she has never felt a day over 18, then gets a horrific shock when she looks in the mirror every morning....mind you my mum isn't the most conventional of mums...perhaps it's her fault I'm all backwards and screwed up? Yeh, I will blame it on her, that's the immature thing to do, yep it's everybody else's fault! ha!

Remembered the quote, Lennon: "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." I think I agree with that. Yep, I do. You can't plan spontaneity, and that's a good thing. God I babble a lot. Gona shut up now.

P.S. I woke up this morning to what sounded like a tornado. There is something very precarious about sleeping underneath a window with great big fecking fat rain drops pouring down onto it like a watery avalanche.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I want to go on holiday for forever.
I have a headache from eating too much cheese.
My calf muscles hurt.
I found 2 fly carcases in my left eye after running today.
I am still undecided about my flat.
I am becoming scarily apathetic about EVERYTHING.
Must motivate myself but I am lacking in caffeine, I've got sodding decaf in an effort to be healthy, damn me.
Must buy canvasses, staring at a blank canvas shall perhaps irritate me into being arty, though the concept of a blank canvas is strangely appealing.

Peace out. I'm off.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

momentary depression over.

Epiphany: Being single isn't that shit....why? I just spent the entire weekend doing bugger all, eating junk food, sleeping a lot, watching what the hell I want, listening to Fleetwood mac Rumours on loop (which I'm pretty sure would be a major 'no no' if I were not alone. So I am being POSITIVE karis from now on and stop bloody moaning about stuff that really shouldn't matter all that much, god I could wake up tomorrow with a lung missing or something, now that would be a BIG problem, so I have got things into perspective. Hoorah, I am gunna have to quit the chocolate though or I will seriously become ill. I seem to have developed a weird case of bulimia-I pig out on food but forget the whole puking it back up nonsense, ha! Right, must tidy my flat as it is a bit of a sty. Oh yeh, and I am still on the look out for cheaper accommodation options......please someone live with me, I will be the perfect housemate, I cook and clean and I'm generally very chirpy.

Anyhoo, off to sort my head out.

P.S. I am starting to really fancy Dermot O'leary again, he is so cute when he wears a cardigan. And yes I am sad, but I really don't care because my judgment is clouded by slight insanity.


Friday, August 17, 2007

curry+chocolate=momentary depression

I am feeling a bit fat and I am really, really bored. I just ate a huge chicken balti and half a bar of cadbury's fruit and nut...this was to compensate for me staying in on yet another friday night with only a telly for company. I may pour myself a glass of wine and contemplate a future of clinical obesity.

Peace out.

P.S. Being single is shit :(
P.P.S. Being with the wrong person is more shit :)
P.P.P.S Brian must win big bro, he's lovely, I am addicted again.

On the plus side, muriel's wedding is on later, I knew telly wouldn't let me down, oh faithful friendly box of magic.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Decisions decisions.....If only I were not so bloody indecisive.

Word of the week: Poppycock (senseless talk or writing)

Synonyms: Balderdash, piffle, twaddle, drivel, rubbish

Oooo, I found it scarily difficult to choose just one of those words they are all fantastic! But Poppycock is in a league of it's own, employed primarily by elderly women when discussing matters they deem incomprehensible such as men ironing their own clothes, Crotched doilies becoming obsolete or the world not being flat.

I am quite proud of myself this weekend as I have kind of boycotted television. In three days I haven't turned it on, ok except for last night-I watched Insomnia but surely Al Pachino is a valid enough excuse? I've discovered that I often put it on simply out of habit and the majority of the time I have no desire to watch what is on it. There are a few shows that I will purposefully tune into but besides that I've become pretty apathetic about telly in general. In previous years I have been an avid Big Brother fan but currently I just don't care....and more worrying is the amount of news I've begun to I growing up? I don't feel mature in the slightest, perhaps I'm a medium mature cheddar if I were to be using cheese compares. I always thought I was a peppery boursin or a big chunk of danish blue (the jazziest of the cheeses, the Gershwin of the cheese world if you may), but no, I'm a boring cuboid of yellow genericness. However, you can melt cheddar in a fondue and produce the most fabulously cheesy feast ever, try heating boursin or danish blue and you have an inedible sticky residue good for nothing! If I had some chickens I would count them.

Here is a picture of an aged piece of cheddar. So it seems I have jaundice and varocus veins to look forwards to!

Anyway, cheeses aside, I need to make some decisions.....I am avoiding it can you tell? RIGHT, OFF TO DECIDE STUFF!

P.S. The Noisettes are my new favourite band, They rock yer socks right off. I have become obsessed with Shingai, lovin' her hair, her makeup, her outfits, her voice, she is the bees knees.

Ellie, I would love to go see Kate Nash, cannot get ticket till friday when me gets paid, can also pay you back from the other week! It will be weird as The Carling Academy Oxford, I will forvever remember it as the Zodiac I think!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Spook Show Revival

I was on youtube looking for some footage of a band called spook when I came across this. I really want to go to a spook show now. I want to nightmares for a week and I want to know what it feels like for my blood to run cold. Will anyone come to a spook show with me? I'm off to do further research, so glad this form of entertainment has been revived!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where can I get me one of those?

If I were to marry a lady it may well have to be roisin....I have made it top priority that I find myself this outfit, lovin' it.

Fact of the week: Babies are born without knee caps. They don't appear until the child reaches 2-6 years of age.